After the recent round of updates, we have decided to increase prices as of April 10th.

Why the increase?

We have always been a relatively affordable optimisation solution compared to many others in the industry. This reflects the fact that many of our competitors are focused primarily on enterprise clients, whereas we are striving to build a product that can be used by businesses of all sizes. 

However, since our pricing was last revised on 15 June 2017, we have released many new features. These include:

Not to mention a whole range of improvements to the overall functionality and range of customisation on the platform. 

We have conducted a pricing review and concluded that these features merit an increase in price: Convertize is not the same platform it was 9 months ago. 

However, we are committed to continuing to provide plans that suit the diverse needs and means of our customers. That is why our new pricing retains our Free Plan, and offers three paid plans: Solo, Team, and Agency.

The New Pricing Structure

Please see below for the new 3-tiered pricing structure we will be adopting from 10th April. The pricing has increased, and the number of unique visitors per month has been increased for the highest plan. We have also introduced pricing differentiation by the number of visitors per month on the Team plan (see below for more details).

Convertize prices are increasing on 10th April - here's why


Full pricing breakdown for each currency (paid annually):

Convertize prices are increasing on 10th April - here's why

How will this affect me?

The new pricing structure will only affect those who purchase a new plan on or after 10th April. Therefore:

  • Users on existing paid plans: will continue to pay current prices. However, if you cancel your plan, any new plans bought on or after 10th April will be charged at the new prices. 
  • Users on free plans: will continue to enjoy the same functionality and unique monthly visitor allowance of 10,000
  • Users yet to buy a planif you purchase a plan before 10th April, you will pay the current prices for our platform. From 10th April, all new plans will be charged at the new pricing shown above. 


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