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A/B Testing Tools Comparison: The 26 Best A/B Testing Tools in 2019
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So, you have decided to use A/B testing to optimise conversions on your website? But how do you know which tool to choose? This list of 26 A/B testing tools will help you pick the best solution for your company.

Firstly, you should ask yourself two important questions:

  • How do I decide which is the best A/B testing tool for my company?
  • Will the tool help me to optimise my conversion rate?

There are now more than 20 A/B testing tools on the market, not to mention those that offer testing as part of a wider service. We have taken the market leaders, including AB Tasty, Optimizely, VWO, and Google Optimize, and analysed them according to the most important criteria.

A/B Testing Tools analysis
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Four years ago, the A/B testing market was divided between two options: Optimizely and VWO. Since then, the number of testing tools has increased rapidly. AB Tasty arrived, with a set of advanced analytics, and in 2017 Google launched its own optimisation and A/B Testing tools, Google Optimize. In 2018 there are no less than 26 A/B Testing tools competing for your attention.

To expand their market share, some publishers – such as AB Tasty and VWO – have begun to offer a vast range of analytics (heatmaps, mini-questionnaires, recording sessions). Others – such as Convertize – have simplified AB Testing by focusing on the features that bring results to marketers.

Our analysis will focus on the A/B testing capabilities of each tool. Extras, such as heatmaps and recording sessions) will be dealt with another time.

Which criteria are important for an A/B Testing Tool?

The first questions most marketers ask when choosing a new tool concern the price (setup fee and monthly subscription) and the usability (both client-side and server-side). But there are other factors to consider, too.

Our table compares 6 criteria, including ‘Must-have’ and ‘Luxury’ features.

1. “Must-have”: These are the essential features required to perform A/B tests :

2. “Luxury” or “Professional”: These are the options that make AB testing easy (Luxury) or allow for high-traffic sites (Professional):

  • Automated mode – Luxury
  • Tactics library – Luxury
  • Multivariate Testing (MVT) – Professional

In addition to this, it is important that you consider your company’s needs. The tool you choose should reflect the size of your business, your previous experience with other A/B Testing tools and your technical resources (budget, the size of your team, etc.)

A/B Testing Tools – Definitions

Client Side A/B Testing tools

“Client-side” means the tool is applied by the visitor’s browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Firefox). This is done by ‘tagging’ the webpage’s HTML with several lines of Javascript. When the page is loaded, the Javascript makes calls to a back-office system (such as Google’s Analytics servers), which then notifies the browser of which page content should be downloaded and displayed. The back-office system also keeps score of conversions.

Server Side A/B Testing tools

“Server-side” means the tool runs on the server. The page is compiled by the server, and is presented to the browser in its finished form. In the same way that some PC software is only available for Windows or for Macs, some server-side software is only available for particular server technologies (such as PHP).

A/B/n Testing and Split Testing tools

In an A/B test, your visitor sees Version A of a page or Version B of it. (Note, a test with three page versions would be called an A/B/C test. “A/B/n” is often used as shorthand for a test that has n different page versions.

Multivariate Testing tools

“Multivariate” or “Multivariable” (MVT) tests are simply ones in which you carry out A/B tests (or A/B/n ones) on several independent page elements simultaneously. There are many different ways of carrying out multivariate (MVT) tests: You can show every single possible combination of page elements (“full factorial”) or only a fraction of them. There are many types of “fractional factorial” test, and they all have complicated-sounding names (for example, “Taguchi”). You can also choose to display losing combinations less frequently.

Autopilot mode

Some A/B Testing tools allocate traffic evenly between variation A and B. This could potentially mean directing half of a website’s traffic to a less-optimal version (which can cost large companies vast amounts of money). With an “autopilot” feature, traffic is directed in larger numbers to the best-performing variation during the test.

Multi-Armed Bandit

The “Multi-Armed Bandit” solution is a form of Autopilot in which traffic is directed to better-performing pages according to more complex rules.

WYSIWYG Page-Editing

Some of the A/B Testing tools have in-built platforms for creating and editing webpages — a bit like having their own WordPress interface. They can be useful if the thought of involving your company’s web development team gives you the shudders.

Tactics Library

Knowing which elements to test is a significant advantage when A/B testing. Tools such as Convertize provide a catalogue of proven tactics to structure your testing.

FREE, £35/monthClient Side with Lightening Mode   
Autopilot with Hybrid Algorithm
Neuromarketing Tactics
AB TastyAB TastyOn RequestClient Side    
Classic 'Multi-armed Bandit' Algorithm
Accenture Testing PlatformAccenture Testing PlatformOver £25,500 Setup + £124k-248k/yearClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
Adobe TargetAdobe TargetSetup + £/month (on demand)Client Side   
Classic 'Multi-armed Bandit' Algorithm
OpenText OptimostOpenText OptimostSetup + £/month (on demand)Client Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
ClickThrooClickThroo£73-928/monthClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
ConductricsConductricsSetup + £/month (on demand)Client Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
ConvertConvertFrom £465-620/monthClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
CRE EngineCRE EngineOn RequestServer Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
FreshMarketer (Zarget)FreshMarketer (Zarget)£75-370/monthClient Side     
GetSmartContentGetSmartContentFrom £388/monthClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
Google Optimize 360Google Optimize 360FREE / C. £27180/monthClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
HiConversionHiConversionOn RequestClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
KameleoonKameleoonFrom £437/monthClient Side   
Classic 'Multi-armed Bandit' Algorithm
OmniconvertOmniconvertOn RequestClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
Oracle MaxymiserOracle MaxymiserOn RequestClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
MonetateMonetateSetup + £/Month (traffic based)Client Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
OptimizelyOptimizelyOn RequestClient Side   
Classic 'Multi-armed Bandit' Algorithm
SiteGainerSiteGainerOn RequestClient Side  
With the Executive Plan
On RequestProxy Server Method   Editor WYSIWYG 
SiteTunersSiteTuners£/test (On Request)Client Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
UnbounceUnbounce£79-349/monthServer Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
VWOVWOOn RequestClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
WebtrekkWebtrekkOn RequestClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
WebtrendsWebtrendsOn RequestClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 
Zoho PagesenseZoho Pagesense£14-366/monthClient Side   Editor WYSIWYG 

The Top 10 A/B Testing tools for Agencies and eCommerce Sites

Here is our run-down of the best A/B Testing tools for web agencies and e-commerce platforms:

1. Convertize

Convertize (UK) is an A/B testing tool designed with web agencies and mid-sized companies in mind. The software allows any marketer to test their ideas, without the need for a webmaster. Complex actions (such as traffic distribution) have been completely automated. To make things even easier, expert support is available through an inbuilt chat system.

A/B Testing Software

2. Optimizely

Optimizely (USA) is an executive solution that offers A/B testing and customisation options. This is the oldest and best known platform. It is also the most expensive at over $1400/month. Optimizely has reshaped its pricing policy since 2015, in order to target executive customers.Logiciels de AB Testing - Optimizely

3. VWO

VWO or Visual Website Optimizer (India) is another popular A/B Testing tool. The professional plan costs $999/month (paid annually) and small plans start at $49/month. VWO offers the option of Multivariate testing as well as analytics tools such as heatmaps.Logiciels de AB Testing - VWO

4. AB Tasty

AB Tasty (France) is a well-known A/B testing system on the French market. It is a tool for testing the re-engagement of visitors. This A/B Testing tool is designed with entreprise marketers in mind. Prices are no longer displayed on the site, indicating a switch in focus towards executive customers.

AB Tasty A/B Testing Tool

5. Google Optimize

Google Optimize (USA) is Google’s A/B testing tool. It connects to Google Analytics (which is required to use the software). Google Optimize is free, whilst Optimize 360 ​​provides a paid-for service that can test up to 10 variations of a page. Ergonomics and limitations make the A/B Testing tool difficult to use but it remains a very robust option (especially since it’s free.)Google Optimize - A/B Testing Software

6. Kameleoon

Kameleoon (France) is another French A/B testing tool. It is an expensive option, with the executive plan priced at €500/month. There is a free trial that allows for testing on up to 5000 site visitors.

Kameleeon A/B Testing Tool

7. Convert

Convert (USA) is one of the A/B Testing tools recommended by ConversionXL founder Peep Laja. The A/B Testing tool  positions itself as the alternative to Optimizely. The pricing policy is now business-oriented, with the first plan costing $ 449/month (paid annually) for 800,000 visitors tested.Logiciels de AB Testing -

8. Omniconvert

Omniconvert (Romania) targets small and medium enterprises. The A/B Testing tool offers local segmentation and personalised overlays.

Logiciels de AB Testing - Omniconvert

9. Adobe Target

Adobe Target (USA) is Adobe’s A/B testing tool. This is an executive service used, for example, by HSBC. The price plan easily exceeds 10,000 €/month.Logiciels de AB Testing - Adobe Target

10. Freshmarketer

FreshMarketer (‘Zarget’) (India & USA) Freshworks bought Zarget in 2017 and renamed it Freshmarketer. The tool runs from a Chrome extension and starts at $99/month for 50,000 visitors.

Logiciels de AB Testing - Freshmarketer

Want to learn more about A/B Testing Tools and Conversion Optimization?

Enhance your digital marketing skills by exploring our A/B testing case studies, find new ideas to test in our library of optimisation tactics, or explore the neuromarketing principles that drive e-commerce. Already an expert? Take advantage of your knowledge with our A/B testing platform.

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